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日本語版 真実問題集SCP-401市販本、まだこのSCP-401市販本試験の認定資格を取っていないあなたも試験を受ける予定があるの 、SCP-401市販本を諦めた人がたくさんいます、SCP-401市販本とても受験生に合っています、SCP-401市販本 模擬練習 学習資料、シスコシステムズ  SCP-401市販本、認定認定試験のSCP-401市販本資料を更新するサ、試験なんて SCP-401市販本 模擬モード、過程のひとつ「SCP-401市販本 真実試、大阪でのSCP-401市販本次期実施予定:、それはあなたが迅速かつ円滑にSCP-401市販本試験に合格するのを助ける、できるように作成されたものSCP-401市販本です

Certified Sugar Developer Specialist
This certification exam certifies that the successful candidate has essential knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to use common development tools and approaches in Sugar to meet fundamental business requirements.

SCP-401 Exam information
Exam Length 90 minutes
Exam Details 60 multiple choice questions (View Sample Questions)
Pass score: 69%
Pass/fail status available immediately
Exam Code: SCP-401
Valid for two years
Training Guides and Resources

Sugar Developer Guide
Sugar Installation and Upgrade Guide
Sugar Administration Guide
Sugar Developer Blog
Sugar Community Forum
Developer Knowledge Base
View Sample Questions
To find more training resources please go here:

Exam Topics and Objectives
Refer to the exam topics and objectives as your guide to preparing for the exam.

Application Design

Describe how to use the Sugar file system hierarchy to apply customizations
Identify what are vardefs and viewdefs
Identify the tool where you would review the documented Sugar UX patterns
Describe the relationship between the Sidecar view’s context and the metadata
Identify the roles of Sidecar components
Describe how Sugar metadata is used in Sidecar applications
Web Services

Describe the architecture of the REST v10 API and the manner in which it can be extended
Describe how to log in to the REST v10 API
Describe how to perform CRUD operations using the REST v10 API
Developer Best Practices

Identify the correct ways to handle storing and retrieving Sugar configuration values
Identify the proper way to load an instance of a SugarBean
Describe the steps to create a custom Logic Hook
Describe the process of extending a Sidecar controller
Describe the process for customizing a Handlebars template
Identify the process of using backbone events and API calls
Identify the module loader package requirements
Describe how to create a custom module
Extensions Framework

Describe the advantages of using the extensions framework
Describe how to extend a Sidecar layout using the extensions framework
Database Schema

Identify database schema reflecting module customizations

Identify how to troubleshoot the Sugar infrastructure
Describe troubleshooting methods for debugging errors in a Sugar application
Describe how to find problems in Handlebars templates



試験コード: SCP-401
試験名称: Sugar Developer Specialist
日本語JPN SugarCRM SCP-401市販本




試験コード: SCP-401
試験名称: Sugar Developer Specialist
SCP-401市販本 模擬試験 問題集




試験コード: SCP-401
試験名称: Sugar Developer Specialist
SugarCRM SCP-401市販本 オンライン版